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Rancho Grande

Rancho Grande

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Sul de Minas, Brazil

Process: Pulped Natural
Variety: Acaia
Altitude: 970 masl
Flavor: Honeydew, butter biscuit, hazelnut cream

Mr. Aneite Reis started the coffee production when he inherited the Rancho Grande farm in 1933. Today the farm is run by his son and grandson José Carlos Reis and Flávio Reis. Their mission is to produce high quality coffee responsibly without neglecting the importance of protecting environment and the well-being of their employees.

This pulped natural lot went through the wet mill to separate the beans (green cherry, ripe cherry and dry cherry). The ripe cherry were taken to a machine where their peel and pulp are removed (almost 100% of the mucilage) and then the beans are taken to the drying patio to dry for 2-3 days. After drying (11.5% humidity), the parchment layer is removed. The coffee is then delivered and stored in the COCATREL warehouse.


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